JAG - a civil rights movement is a film about JAG's members and our struggle for human rights and personal assistance. JAG is a non-profit organization for people with multiple, severe disabilities including intellecual disabilities. The film is 27 minutes long and is subtitled in English.

The JAG Association is a national, non-profit association that works with issues related to personal assistance and disabilities. JAG is also a non-profit cooperative of users of personal assistance. Ideologically, JAG belongs to the Independent Living Movement.  

In Swedish, the word "JAG" means "I". It’s a reminder of that the we, the members of JAG, are subjects, individuals, and not objects of care. ”JAG” is also an acronym made up of the first letters of the Swedish words for Equality, Assistance and Inclusion, important aims we are working to achieve.

Membership in the JAG Association

Only a person with severe, multiple disabilities including some kind of intellectual disability can become a member of JAG. Other people can become supporting members, without power or influence in the association. Only full members of the JAG Association can be members of the Board of Directors. JAG’s members include people with congenital intellectual disabilities, as well as people who have sustained a head injury caused by accident or illness later in life. With few exceptions, most members also have extensive physical disabilities and no speech, but express themselves in their own very personal ways. The nature of the members’ disabilities presents a challenge to achieve user-control of personal assistance. JAG has undertaken the difficult, but not impossible, task of providing user-controlled personal assistance to the members.


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JAG är en ideell riksförening för personer med flera omfattande funktionsnedsättningar, varav en avser den intellektuella förmågan. JAG arbetar för att medlemmarna ska kunna leva sina liv fullt ut, på sina egna villkor, med bästa möjliga personliga assistans. JAGs assistanskooperativ styrs av medlemmarna och drivs utan vinstintresse.